Music has always been the most personal and powerful language that God has used to communicate to me throughout my personal journey IN THE DEEPENING.  Music engages my heart and speaks Truth to places that couldn’t receive it any other way.

First, God used the music and lyrics of others to comfort, encourage, and strengthen me.  Then in 2001, He gifted me with songwriting in one spontaneous direct deposit.  Conversing with God through the process of songwriting deepened our intimacy, exponentially increased my understanding of Grace, and transformed my life.

Since I was a little girl, I have shared my favorite songs at family, church, and school functions, singing from a heart that hoped to grasp more of who God is and how much He loves me.  How much He loves . . . us.

I have even enjoyed the privilege of singing my own songs and sharing my own story in a keynote concert titled IN THE DEEPENING all about:

MY STRUGGLE as a paralyzed perfectionist who was terrified of failure and plagued by guilt for all the ways I wasn’t measuring up to God’s high standards – or my own.

MY JOURNEY taking baby steps in grace by getting real with God and others about my raw feelings, flaws, and failures.

MY DISCOVERY of a safe place in the arms of God where I experienced Love that was really satisfying and Truth that was really transforming.

MY COMMISSION to share my experience IN THE DEEPENING and support other Hungry Hearts longing for a deeper experience and fuller expression of God’s Love in and through their lives.

Does that sound GOOD or GOOD?

If you’d like to explore more, you can read my official ARTIST BIO, browse through my song LYRICS and listen to the 13 ORIGINAL SONGS from my album IN THE DEEPENING.

In the meantime, may you Grow Deeper Roots in Real Love that Really Satisfies!