All music and lyrics written by Kimberly Grace
Copyright © 2017 Kimberly Grace | All Rights Reserved


Meet me in the moment
When I’m shackled with doubt
When I think I’ve lost my vision
And a wave of indecision threatens me

Meet me in the moment
Where the stillness cries out
For your voice of direction
I’m seeking your protection, won’t you shelter me

And you say, Walk this way
I love you still
And you say, Come and stay
Rest in my will

Meet me in the moment
When my flesh starts to shout
For a time of independence
Bring me to my senses, rescue me

Meet me in the moment
When my weakness gives out
When I’m crying for deliverance
Seeking your forgiveness, cover me

And I say, Have your way
I love you still
And I say, Come and stay
Inhabit my will

Oh, a moment in your presence
Is enough to free my soul
From the fear that overwhelms me
To the grace that freely flows from your throne

I will seek you in the moment
I will meet you in the moment
I will seek you every moment


This is where I wanna be
Broken in true humility
Clothed in your selfless purity

When I stand with you in unity
That is where I find security
In the yoke of your authority

As I walk in pure transparency
Yes, absolute dependency
Give me a sense of urgency

For you are returning presently
To a world where all will bend the knee
Oh yeah, I wanna be ready, ready!

The road’s getting shorter everyday
And I’ll need you more tomorrow than I did today
So I’ll run like a winner in the race and I won’t stop
Until I find your dwelling place
No I won’t give up the chase, no

Oh, to love you more deeply
To surrender more completely
To serve you more meekly, Lord

[ chorus ]

Each day I live in liberty
Anchored in your reality
I’m free to fulfill my destiny
Here I am, send me


Where do I go from here
Too many directions to choose from
These dreams are so unclear
Are they conversations with Wisdom

Or just the musings of a mind in a state of unrest
Trying to decide between what’s good and your best
I guess about time to get this off my chest
But here’s the question

Will I look Truth in the face
Will I hold the hand of Peace
Can I trust the heart of Grace
Can this burden be released
One thing I’ll ask
One more thing . . . will you really lead me?

And what do I do now
I wanna believe you
Cause I can’t see too far ahead

You’ll get through to me somehow
Take me to a clear view
Please show me the next step

All these voices in my head are getting restless
It’s no use trying to pretend, I’m losing patience
My half-hearted arguments are left defenseless
And still I question

[ chorus ]

Oh, one word is all it takes to direct my effort
I would willingly obey, my loving Shepherd
The path you choose for me is straight it goes on forever
So here’s my answer . . .

I will look Truth in the face
I will hold the hand of Peace
I can trust the heart of Grace
Now my burden is released
One thing I’ll ask
One more thing . . . Lord lead me


You are calling
I am stalling
Why do I resist the mercy that you give

Can you help me
I am melting
Beneath the glaring guilt and burden of my sin

I can’t avoid your knowing glance
These silly games don’t stand a chance
How could I pretend you don’t know where I am

I can’t believe this hurts so much
I won’t survive without your touch
But still I’m holding on to the idol in my hand

You are calling
I am falling
Too many self-inflicted injuries to stand

Can you heal me
I am kneeling
At the foot of the cross, my only hope to mend

But your name is frozen on my tongue
This prisoner just can’t seem to run
From the shame I know you have freed me from

Still I try it on my lips
But it doesn’t seem to fit
Shall I call you my Lord or my Love

You are calling
I am crawling
Toward the unreserved forgiveness in your eyes

Will you hold me
You just told me
That I don’t ever have to find a place to hide


Ever since I can remember
All I wanted was a friend
Who would always keep me company
And see the very best in me

Now I’m older I still wish for
The kind of friend that never fails
I am searching for a kindred soul
To tell me that I’m not alone

Will you be my friend
Will you be my friend

If I tell you all my secrets
Will you promise not to judge
I need graceful words that gently soothe
And truth that doesn’t leave a bruise

Oh if only I could show you
What I’ve been hiding in my heart
I know it wouldn’t scare me anymore
Isn’t that what Love is for

Will you be my friend
Will you be my friend
I promise you, I can be a good friend too
Oh I promise you, I can be a good friend too


You say there is one path that leads to life
It’s on the other side of death
I’ve wondered if I would ever find
A way to overcome my flesh

But I’ve discovered there’s freedom in the fire
I surrender, here’s your living sacrifice

There is a treasure
Here in the desert
And I cannot measure the riches I’ve found

You are my treasure
Here in this desert
And you’re greatest pleasure is taking me down
To where the desert meets the ocean

Your unending goodness is all I see
For every need you provide
As wave after wave breaks over me
You show me the reason I’m alive

To prove your power through my weakness, Lord, take my life
For the glory of your risen Sacrifice

[ chorus ]

To where my desert meets your ocean


So many times I play stop and go
As I am walking down the straight and narrow
You keep reminding me my life is not my own

Spend too much time simply feeling sorry
For getting stuck in the lies that blind me
I should be waging war on what I cannot see

My pride is the enemy
Which make sit so hard to believe
That there is nothing good in me . . . no

Lead me to my last despair
Only you can take me there
Brand your Word upon my heart
Let it tear this flesh apart

Well, this saint is not defeated
When battle comes I will rise to meet it
Stepping up, time to face the music

A simple choice, oh but it’s not easy
To die to self and shun the things that please me
I reckon you’re the only hope to which I cling

Your love keeps calling me right back
You have everything I lack
Remove any selfish whim that distracts me

[ chorus ]

I’m willing to be changed
Can you take me the rest of the way
I’m willing to be changed
You gotta take me the rest of the way
I’m willing to be changed
Only you know the way


The moon looks over my shoulder and shakes his head
As my warm breath utters a cold word
And a chill invades our happy home again

Why do I find it so hard to wrap you up in mercy
Too much to lose, I choose to keep my distance when I’m needy

So here is my hand, let me reach inside your soul
Here is my wounded heart, who doesn’t wanna show
How weak and frail – but how can I fail
When you already know
You already know

The sun’s smiling down on the two of us and I know why
That argument, it ain’t nothing new to us
But unlike other times, we didnt’ wait to make it right

We wouldn’t walk away till we wrapped it up in mercy
Now here we are not too far from giving what we both need

[ chorus ]

And you always let me
You won’t let me go


It’s a cruel and bitter disappointment
This just turned out exactly the way that I never wanted
So how can I say that I’m happy, let’s be honest
My weak attempts to do what I should are only half-hearted

Oh I know I have no right to cry and complain
Cause I’m missing what was never mine to claim
I should understand the Master Plans are always laid
So why am I still afraid

It’s too soon to give up this disappointment
The heart that harbored a hope is still withering where I left it
Now the hand that is crushing these bones is stroking my head
How tenderly you calm my fear despite my resistance

Oh I know your ways are higher than mine
And I can’t imagine how much higher I could climb
I don’t need to understand the reason every time
Every time you decide that your plans are better than mine


I had been praying
I had been waiting for an answer
Then I felt like it came too soon

I thought, I don’t deserve this
But I couldn’t earn this, no, no
Now I can’t stop thanking you for . . .

Something so high
Something so wide
I couldn’t wrap my mind around it

Something so high
Something so wide
This joy in which I am surrounded

I almost gave up
Yeah, I may have made up my own ending
Just to get through another day

But you were so faithful
You made me able to see
That you had a better way, it was . . .

[ chorus ]

Hopeful is the heart that looks forward to fulfillment
It grows stronger everyday, the longer it is tested
And faith is the reward for those who have patiently waited
And I know . . .

There will be taller mountains you call me to climb
Other paths you lead me to
But I am content just to rest in your peace for awhile
And enjoy the view, oh it’s . . .

[ chorus ]


I’ve reached the end of me again
What a blessed state
After all my fixes failed me
I wouldn’t need you any other way

Bruised and battle weary
All I have is you
To save a heart that’s nearly numb
Helpless and confused

I’ve fallen in the same trap before
I’m grasping for the same truth

And somehow you spin my thin strands of faith into gold
You fashion a beautiful cord that is long enough to reach me
And now you’re binding me close to your side
Bracing my soul to abide
A season long enough to heal me
Here in the deepening

You broke my self-reliant streak
Just to set me right
So stronger hands could carry
The weight of worries I could not define

Resigned my own resources
And you are my reward
Grace for now and hope for when
My joy will be restored

I’m falling for the twinkle in your eye
Clearly you can see the end in sight
It must be good when your smile is hard to hide
I’m trusting in the meantime


A young girl watches her Father
She wants to be just like Him
She tries harder and harder
She fails all over again

So she runs back to her daddy
She goes where no one can see
She knows that’s where He’s waiting
She’s bows down on her knees

Your Majesty, may I approach your throne
Your Majesty, may I be so bold
To call on your Grace one more time
I see on your face a smile so kind
And I come in humility, your Majesty

The ageless King watches His daughter
He thinks she looks just like Him
He knows there’s no trying harder
He needs to remind her again

He stands to welcome His child
He longs to show her His ways
He hopes she’ll stay for awhile
He calls His princess by name

My Kimberly, won’t you approach my throne
My Kimberly, make yourself at home
I’ll give you my grace time after time
I see in your face a love just like mine
And I honor humility, my Kimberly

Now rise up, rise up
Rise up, my daughter
Rise, rise up
Rise up, receive my favor

He takes her by the hand
He helps her to stand
Then He begins to dance around her

His splendid royal robes
Cause a rushing wind to blow
His goodness blowing all around her

Your Majesty
Your Majesty
Your Majesty, I feel your delight in me


Press in and press on says my soul
How deep for how long till it flows
Watching and waiting for the tide
That gives me everything I’ll ever need here by your side

And I hear your higher story as you sing over me
Now Love in all its glory is shining down . . . on me

It’s like a staring contest with the sun
I’m humbled by your radiance
Like a staring contest with the sun
I’ll be changed before we’re done

Be still and be strong says my soul
You’ve been so good for so long, this I know
I’ve been seeking and finding who you are
To know that everything I’ll ever need is here in your heart

And I hear your higher story as you sing over me
Love in all its glory is shining down . . . on me

[ chorus ]

Move me on without the burden
Move me on without the shame
I have seen the Face of Heaven
Look on me with eyes of grace

Shining brighter than my failures
Burning longer than my shame
I have felt the Hand of Favor
Rest on me, a daughter claimed

Turn my suffering and my sorrow
Into joy and simple peace
And I won’t worry ’bout tomorrow
Here and now are all I see

And as I offer up this moment
May we move in harmony
On this path that you have chosen
For me now, oh sweet relief