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It figures that the first run of this issue came out a bit wonky. The copier skewed the image so the pages are off-center. The printer was running low on ink so the cover art printed with streaks. That pretty much describes how my moods have been lately: skewed, off-center, and of variable quality! I was SOOOO tempted to re-copy and reprint, but I’m going to let it go and publish an imperfect issue. It’ll be good for me. (No one else will probably even notice, yet, as you can see, I still feel compelled to explain myself. Do forgive me.)

As promised, here are the lyrics to my newest song….

lyrics by Kimberly Beck

I’ve reached the end of me again
What a blessed state
After all my fixes failed me
I wouldn’t need you any other way
Bruised and battle weary
All I have is you
To save a heart that’s nearly numb
Helpless and confused

I’ve fallen in the same trap before
I’m grasping for the same truth

And somehow you spin my thin strands of faith into gold
You fashion a beautiful cord
That is long enough to reach me
And now, you’re binding me close to your side
Bracing my soul to abide
A season long enough to heal me
Here in the deepening

You broke my self-reliant streak
Just to set me right
So stronger hands could carry
The weight of worries I cannot define
Resigned my own resources
And You are my reward
Grace for now and hope for when
My joy will be restored

I’m falling for the twinkle in your eye
Clearly, you can see the end in sight
It must be good when your smile is hard to hide
I’m trusting in the meantime

P.S. I’ve turned a corner. The heaviness is lifting and I find myself also rising…above the fog of negative thoughts, chaotic feelings, and confusing circumstances. I’ve got my spark back! Thank you, God.

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