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Why would a 36 year old mother and housewife want a skateboard? Funny you should ask. . . . I wanted to have something to do while Evan rode his bike. I wanted to give myself a new physical challenge. I wanted to do something that would get me active outdoors. So, I saved my money and bought a pro-grade skateboard, a helmet and some wrist guards. Most days, I would lace up my Converse and practice in our parking lot for about 30 minutes. Each day, my body felt more and more comfortable as it learned how to find its balance, one micro-adjustment at a time. After a couple of falls, some bruises, scrapes and sore muscles, much to my delight, I really got the hang of it! It took me about 2 weeks to become street-ready. Since then, I’ve been cruising in my neighborhood and on the bike path by the beach (my personal favorite). What makes it so fun? The wind in my face, my body strong and coordinated, the novelty of a new skill.

As if all this joyriding wasn’t enough, I decided to strap on another pair of wheels at my local roller rink. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had roller skated. After a couple of wobbly laps around the floor, muscle memory took over. Oh yeah! I remember how to do this! For the next two hours, I felt like I was flying, a smile on my face the whole time. It took me back to my 9 year old self zooming down the street near the house where I grew up, singing loudly, and feeling free.

Interestingly, God has been talking to me about skating as a metaphor in my life. The message? Put in the time, push past the nerves, the mistakes, and the shaky legs, make small adjustments, trust yourself, find your flow, and ENJOY the ride!

Life is too short to settle for the quick fixes that bring temporary relief from reality. The thrill of LIVING ALL OUT is discovered while taking risks in pursuit of the expansion and fuller expression of God in me. This 36 year old skater girl is still bright and early with potential.

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