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Oy!  How fearful I can get about the doing! There have been times during the past few weeks when I just wanted to crawl in bed with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and hide from the world. I get so easily overwhelmed when I think about ALL the things that I am responsible for in my life. That feeling of overwhelm alerts me to my distorted way of thinking and reminds me to focus on one task at a time and to make sure that I organize my time so that each task has a designated slot. Then I don’t have to be afraid that I’m forgetting something important.

I’ve been praying the same prayer every morning which really helps to get me in the right mindset at the beginning of my day:

God, you are my Father, my Shepherd, and the Lover of my soul. You have good things planned for me today and you will work all things together for my good and your glory because I love you and you love me. You created me to be a person of excellence, full of energy and enthusiasm, who anticipates success. You enable me to transform stressful obstacles into enjoyable challenges. You will equip me and empower me to do ALL the good works you’ve prepared in advance for me to do today. It’s sinking in, slowly but surely. May the God of peace keep you in perfect peace.

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