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There have been so many times when I waited on the Lord, but I did not feel strengthened. So many times when I waited on the Lord and I still felt weary and faint. I’ve been trying to figure out what makes this time different than what I’ve experienced with God before. How is it possible that I was able to access in two hours what I could not consistently grasp during the previous 20 years? The peace of God in the middle of an emotional storm – and peace that LASTS. How is it that I was able to bounce back so quickly rather than sinking into the mire of depression which, before, could have lasted for days, weeks or even months?

One thing I’m doing differently is actively clearing the blocks to receiving what God is willing and able to give.. I am getting more and more honest with myself and God about, not just my destructive thoughts and feelings, but also the subconscious beliefs that sabotage my faith. These are the critical components that need to be surrendered before my heart can be truly receptive. The tapping technique that I wrote about before has turned out to be a wonderful tool for uncovering these saboteurs, stripping them of their power, and instilling the truth.

I’ve been so surprised to discover what I really believe when I take the time to look. If I scrutinize it with my conscious mind, I think, “Oh that’s ridiculous. I know that’s not true.” Nevertheless, I can see how I am operating out of these false beliefs that are entrenched in my heart. These distortions form the barriers that make it very difficult for God’s truth to travel from my head to my heart. Overcoming these false beliefs is what makes it possible for truth to move from head knowledge to heart experience. And that is the truth that transforms.

For me, simply exposing the lie and acknowledging the truth has not always been enough to win the battle. I could claim a Scripture and speak it over and over till I was blue in the face, but I still wouldn’t be able to walk in the reality of it. My own internal resistance was holding me hostage and, once again, sabotaging my FAITH in an all-powerful God and His life-transforming Word. Now, when I use the tapping tool along with prayer, I can sense the intensity of my distressing emotions being dialed down. I can feel the false belief losing its power. That is when I know I am ready to focus my efforts on infusing the truth into my heart.

I am eager to share this unconventional technique because I’ve had a breakthrough and I believe it can be a valuable resource for anyone who can relate to my struggle. Let me assure the skeptics, tapping is not some weird New Age practice. It is firmly rooted in the emerging scientific fields of energy medicine and energy psychology that are based on Albert Einstein’s famous and foundational equation E=Mc2. Translated into layman’s terms, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. If that’s true, let’s manage it wisely because we weren’t born for a life of weakness. We were born to mount up with wings. We were born to fly.

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