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I’ve been processing this for awhile now and trying to take it in. Interestingly, I noticed a connection between this message that I heard from God and the key points in Captivating, the book that I’ve been very slowly digesting over the past couple of years. The following are quotes from that book as well as the amplification I received from God.

“What makes a woman come alive:

1) “To be romanced . . . To be desired, to be pursued by one who loves you, to be someone’s priority.”

I heard God say, You are valuable because you are mine. You are worth pursuing, worth loving.

2) “To unveil beauty . . . We want a beauty that can be seen; beauty that can be felt; beauty that affects others; a beauty all our own to unveil.”

I heard God say, Your purpose is to love. The beauty in you lies in your ability to love from your unique heart with everything that you are: your personality, your experience, your gifts, everything.

3) “To play an irreplaceable role in a shared adventure . . . Your life is a Love Story set in the midst of a life-and-death battle. A battle for your own heart and a battle for the hearts around you.”

I heard God say, Your life has meaning because I AM. This is MY story and you have a critical role to play. MY story is, at every moment, unfolding before you, all around you. Your world, your circle of influence, needs who I made you to be, which is a unique reflection of who I am, because, ultimately, the world needs ME.

Then I asked God to remind me, in His own words, of what His story is really all about. And this is what I heard:

Perfect Love poured out on stubborn hearts. Humble surrender to Ultimate Truth. Transformation in redemptive time.

OK, so that’s a little cryptic. Here’s what that means to me. I think I know how to run my own life. I have an instinctual desire for self-preservation that ignores the existence of or need for a Cosmic Creator, Constant Companion, much less a Sovereign King to rule over my life. And yet, whether I acknowledge it or not, God DOES exist and He is always pursuing me with a passionate, relentless love. And, whether I admit it or not, there is an insatiable hunger in my heart that only God can satisfy. And though I voraciously attempt to fill it up with things that I think are good enough and willfully try to manage daily affairs in my own wisdom, I end up feeling fearful, guilty and anxious.

But when I humbly surrender to the Ultimate Truth that God DID make me, He DOES want to share my days, and that He REALLY does know how life works best, I get to enjoy a transformative loving relationship in each moment, for the rest of my life and forever after my death. I learn to leave behind an existence full of fear, guilt, and anxiety and lean into a way of living that is infused with love, peace, and hope. And that sums up the daily battle for my heart and, whether they are aware of it or not, all the hearts that cross my path. My role in the story is not to convince anyone of anything. My role is simply to love the way God made me to love, and in so doing, attract other hearts to the only One who loves perfectly.

Then I asked God, why does there have to be this dramatic life-and-death battle aspect to this choice? And this is what I heard: I made you for eternity. Your choice is not about following my rules or reaping the punishment of hell. Your choice is about receiving my love and enjoying me forever or experiencing the torturous hell of a love-less eternity.

Man, I need to understand how well God loves.

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