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This issue is an homage to one of my favorite things. I LOVE rainy days! Don’t get much rain living in So Cal which makes me appreciate it even more. This is also the first zine that I’ve included my own original drawings. If my mom and dad’s memories were better, they could attest to the fact that I used to draw that droopy flower in the rain ALL THE TIME as a little girl. I think it reveals something about my mental and emotional state, even way back then. As you can see, my drawing skills haven’t improved much with age.

What HAS improved is my ability to handle the challenges that come into my life. And it all begins in my mind with how I CHOOSE to interpret them. I used to see a challenge as a threat, something to be feared. Now, I’m learning to see a challenge as part of my journey toward maturity and transform it into an opportunity to depend on God’s help to devise creative solutions and coping strategies.

There is a lot going on in my life right now: preparing for a move, downsizing to a one bedroom apartment, serving at church, publishing a zine. B.C. (before Celexa), I would have been completely overwhelmed and unable to function very well. But thanks to God’s provision of grace and meds, I’m able to keep each challenge in perspective, focus on one responsibility at a time, and manage the rest of my life in an attitude of peace and joy. I have a clarity of thought that feels RADICALLY different from who I used to be. And I am so grateful.

I don’t have any control over what God allows to come into my life. “There comes what will come.” But I DO have control over how I interpret it. I choose to believe that everything that happens in my life is filtered through His love and is intended for my good.

I can’t will it to rain. And I can’t will it to stop. But rain or shine, IT’S ALL GOOD!

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