Infinitely Embraceable

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You are. I am. Infinitely embraceable.

That’s one of the insights I’ve taken away from my experiences at Cuddle Sanctuary. Each time I connect with another amazing soul, I have the opportunity to confront my own insecurities, my own perceived inadequacies, and my own desperate need for love.

I desperately want someone to see me. To notice me. To pursue me. To choose me. To cherish me. To prove that I’m valuable.

At one cuddle event, being held in a prolonged embrace, I felt an immediate let-down of tension, released a deep exhale, and thought, “This is where I belong.” We just FIT. I didn’t want it to end. I drove home in tears that night, completely undone. I couldn’t contain the bliss and I couldn’t bare the goodbye.

It took me awhile to process that experience. Over the next few days, I realized that, yes, this IS where I belong. Not in those arms, but in the experience of being held in the Everlasting Arms of Love where I am safe, I am adored, and all is well.

I am looking forward to the day when a man wants the more of me. But in this present moment, I get to enjoy the more of me. I don’t have to place my happiness in the hands of someone else.

I want to be seen?
How am I seeing myself?

I want to be noticed?
How am I noticing my own needs, wants, and desires and the signals of my body?

I want to to be pursued?
How am I pursuing my own goals and dreams?

I want to be chosen?
How am I choosing those things that are in alignment with my Highest Good?

I want to be cherished?
How am I cherishing myself and the Good Gifts that Love is so generously bringing into my life?

Cuddle Sanctuary also challenges me to see beyond myself and be fully present with another human being. To communicate to them – through touch and conversation – that they are worth seeing, noticing, pursuing, choosing, and cherishing.

They are worthy of Love.

I can’t convince someone else that they are valuable. But I can affirm the Truth of their value and enhance their experience of feeling valuable.

Here’s what I heard from God as I was processing all of this with Him:

“Kimberly, remember that I AM your first love. I know your desires – and they are good desires. But you need to find that enough-ness in Me, first and foremost. Not to prepare you for a mate, but to fulfill my calling on your life! Your highest purpose in life is not to find another life partner. It’s easy to get lost in the longings and forget that you are MY BELOVED. You are precious to me. And your purpose is to Love.”

Good word.