Effortlessly Delightful

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One of my biggest fears has always been that people will find me boring. It created a lot of social anxiety for me in high school and college. I just didn’t know how to be comfortable around people. Wasn’t really sure what to talk about. Felt like there was some right way to be interesting that I just couldn’t pull off.  I always had a few close friends, but was very shy and insecure around most people, especially in groups.

Although I’ve outgrown this fear to a large degree and feel so much more confident of who I am and what I have to offer in relationship, I still so often feel invisible. Not worth the effort of getting to know. Passed by without a glance.

This label of being Effortlessly Delightful feels really good. It reflects an intrinsic value that we all possess. Value that can never be earned and can never be lost. Whether someone notices or not, it’s unchangeable.

Meeting new people at Cuddle Sanctuary (and connecting with the regulars!) is so enjoyable because it feels like I’m unwrapping a gift! You are all so unique, all so beautiful, all so thoroughly delightful.  Thank you for allowing me be my thoroughly delightful self as well – without efforting.