Cuddle Punk

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At Cuddle Sanctuary, I’ve heard people refer to themselves as a Cuddle Slut. And while I can certainly understand the anyone-anywhere-anytime sentiment (cuddling IS addictive!), I still don’t like the connotation of that word.

I prefer to think of myself as a Cuddle Punk. Counter-cultural, yet still in possession of my self. Which means that I don’t have to abide by society’s judgements of what appropriate touch is or isn’t, and I don’t have to live up to any one person’s expectations of the if-when-and-how I cuddle with them.

Practicing boundaries is a big part of Cuddle Sanctuary. But believe me, saying “no thank you” is VERY challenging! Bottom line…I get to cuddle on my own terms. And I also get to expand my comfort zone if I so choose. Jean has created a safe environment for both choices.