Artist Bio

Does having a Bio really make me an official Artist?  You tell me!

Here it is for your reading pleasure . . .

Hide and seek. That’s the game that Kimberly Grace had learned to play with God. But it was a game that left her feeling isolated and empty as she realized that, over the years, she had spent more time hiding than seeking. “I tried so hard to be a good Christian,” says Kimberly, “But I could only be good for so long before my inevitable failure would send me running away from God in shame, completely shattered by my sin.” It took a fresh revelation of grace to show her that she didn’t have to be perfect in order to earn God’s love.

Kimberly brings a musical message of freedom to those gripped by the paralyzing fear of failure. Her vulnerability encourages her listeners to embrace the truth about themselves and then expose their true selves to God. “I’m learning that God loves and accepts me regardless of my performance. But He can change me only if I allow His grace to access the sinful and broken areas of my heart.  He can’t heal what I keep hidden. I want my audience to understand that transparency leads to transformation.

Through music and story, Kimberly shares with her audience how God challenged her to dig deeper to uncover the root of her own perfectionism, and ultimately, discover the depths of His love. These days, she is speaking this encouraging message to those who may be stumbling along in shame: God’s mercy is new every moment! With a compassionate and contagious spirit, Kimberly delivers this message wrapped up in moving melodies and simple piano arrangements. She presents an interactive, intimate, and inspiring experience in an unexpected venue: your very own home!

Kimberly has indeed come out of hiding and is now seeking opportunities to share the transformative truth of God’s grace. She would love to find herself in your living room.

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