“The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” ~ Frederick Buechner

My name is Kimberly Grace, Winged Heart Crusader and creator of this here website. I find deep gladness in designing, writing, making, sharing, and coaching. The world is deeply hungry for connection.

So, here we are, you and me. Meeting in this virtual space. You, reading words that I wrote. Me, praying that your heart gets stirred up, not so much that you’ll connect with my words, but that you’ll connect with the heart of God . . . for you.

This Crusade isn’t about death and destruction. It’s about life and lift.
This Crusade isn’t about religion. It’s about relationship.
This Crusade isn’t about following rules. It’s about experiencing and expressing Love.

I don’t believe God ever wanted to create religion.  He created people to love and a world for them to explore and enjoy – with Him.  It’s really that simple.

This Crusade is advancing the cause of Real Love that Really Satisfies.
Everything I do, everything I create, everything I share is in service to Love.

If you’re open to a fresh way of looking at God, Jesus, and the Bible, then keep reading and you’ll discover that connecting with Invisible Love leads to an Incredible Life.

If you wanna say hello or ask a question, you can contact me here: